Jasifer Lions Big Fat Summer Challenge

   Good morning ladies, Happy Thursday! I just wanted to do a really quick post on the Big Fat Summer Challenge that is being hosted by fellow plus sized blogger, Jennifer from Jasifer Lions Club. I am a true believer in not following the fat laws of fashion on what plus sized women should and should not wear, so I love the idea of a challenge that encourages us to step outside of our fashion comfort zones and try something different. This challenge is about more than clothes this is a test of confidence. Jennifer I accept the challenge!

Thrifty Thursday

I LOVE TO THRIFT! So every Thursday on Lady In Waiting will be Thrifty Thursday and I'll be posting my  most recent thrift buys. I went thrifiting on Monday and found a couple things I liked for almost nothing. Here are some pictures of this weeks thrift finds:

I found this "KOOL it fits" tank & two really great vintage vest

I got three really great pairs of Levi's 

I also found this really great blazer that i cant wait to wear in the fall

All of these items came from thrift stores like Value Village & Goodwill? Do you thrift? What's your best thrift find? Comments; you know where to put them.


OOTD Thrifty Thursday

Ok so I am a die hard an very proud thrift shopper. I like to dig for the abstract, vintage and sometimes designer brands that can be found for dirt cheap in the thrift stores. Like I said before thrifting is a great way for the college student with unique style and small change to shop especially if you are a do-it-your-selfer like myself. I'd much rather bleach and rip old Levi's I find in the thrift store than a pair of new ones. This outfit of the day post is an ode to thrifting.My entire outfit minus the necklace and sneakers was thrifted and then I added my own flare with a little DIY handy work. So today was a pretty relaxed day. The weather was crazy as usual raining one minute bright blue & sunshine the next. I had some school stuff to sort out and really just wanted to be comfy with a little cuteness, so I threw on a very pale lavender t-shirt (thrifted for 95cents!) and a pair of Levi's jeans (also thrifted) that I cut off and made into shorts. I kept it simple and laced up my grey satin Vans sneakers and topped it off with a pave spears and rings necklace from Forever21 for a little oomph. Pictures below: 

Plain lavender t-shirt (thrifted) that DIY cut to make a tie front tee

Levi's cut off shorts

Pave spears & rings necklace (Forever21)

Grey satin Vans sneakers (Vans Store)

What do you think about this outfit? Do you thrift? DIY?
I love feedback so leave some comments below.



OOTD The Summer Trench

  Ok ladies here is my outfit of the day post for today. I saw this short sleeved mini trench on sale at old navy and I liked it alot so I got it even though its too big. My mom wrinkled up her nose and said, "where are you gonna wear that?" She must have forgotten who she was talking too. I don't need a destination or occasion to get dressed for. I do it because I believe when you look good you feel good so I get dressed everyday for my own pleasure. I went on a job hunt today and this super simple casual look fit the job I'm trying to get, so I paired my "summer trench" with some jeans, a fuschia colored camisole, and some leather Steve Madden wedges. I accessorized with some round wodden disc earrings, an enamel bracelet with assorted colors and an animal print tote. Here are some pictures of what I wore today:

Sleeveless mini trench vest (Old Navy),Levi's jeans (Macy's)
Fuschia camisole (Walmart),Steve Madden wedges (Macy's)

"Summer trench" belted, Round frame sunglasses (Charming Charlie),
Animal print tote (gifted)

I did actually go out in this outfit I did not sit in my lounge all day lol

Steve Madden faux leather wedges

Round wooden disc earrings

I really adore my "summer trench" expect more posts involving this item

What do you think about my "summer trench"? How would you have styled it?
How do you feel about the look as a whole? I love feedback so, leave me some comments.

Fabulously yours, Vaunna

DIY Inspiration

  Hi ladies,Happy Wednesday! I absolutely love DIY projects especially when it comes to fashion.Anytime I can save a buck by creating a trendy fashion forward look with something I already have I'm up to the challenge. A big DIY trend in fashion this summer has been cutoffs. Distressed,bleached,dip-dyed, studded & spiked versions of the classic, sometimes edgy, easy going cut off short have been showing up everywhere I've even done a pair myself. I know alot of plus sized women are not bold enough to wear shorts.Some of you may be thinking that thigh baring shorts is just little too much exposure for you right? I have my own insecurities about my dark knees. The beautiful thing about DIY is that you can tailor the pieces to your own liking never compromising your level of comfort. Below the post are some photos of my favorite DIY style cutoffs from other blogs & some of my own personal projects:

The ever popular American flag cut off shorst made famous
by Solange in the "Party" video

Edgy studded cut off Levi's shorts

Super cute candy coated dip-dyed cut off shorts

Sexy distressed cutoff shorts and my peersonal favorites...

my own classic cuffed & bleached tie -dye cutoffs

Is this DIY trend something you would try? Have you made your own DIY pair of cut offs?
How would/do you style your cutoffs? Talk to me in the comment box. If there are ever any ideas you would like to share submit them to me through my email @vauunab@gmail.com

xoxo, Vaunna


OOTD Floral X Lace

Hey there ladies, here's my outfit of the day post. As I stated in the previous post Houston is ridiculously hot today. I didn't want to wear anything too heavy or anything that would give me major tan lines so I decided to go with my black lace romper from Forever21 (XXI), a light weight floral cardigan (thrifted) and some organza & satin black flower sandals. I bought the romper and sandals last summer for my graduation party and they are both very versatile items. I loved the colors in my cardigan that I found while thrifting last fall while i was away at school. Thrifting is a great way for college students to with unique style to shop on our almost non-existent budget. I accessorized this outfit with my purple Betsey Johnson flower earrings and a teal marbled ring I actually found in the park one day lol. Here goes some photos of todays look:

Open floral cardigan (thrifted),Black lace romper (Forever21)

Full view of my OOTD

Black satin/organza flower sandals

Teal marbled ring

Purple Betsey Johnson earrings


Top Knot Tuesday

Hi ladies, Happy Tuesday! I'm from the great state of Texas (Houston to be exact) and summers in the city are scorching. Today the temperature is in the TRIPLE digits!!! Last fall before I left to attend school I got my hair cut into this really cute short asymmetrical bob and I swore to my mom that it would be last time I cut it (with fingers crossed of course), so I've been growing it out ever since.I have really thick relaxed hair, and since my cut it has grown back past my shoulders.In this heat my naturally dry scalp sweats a lot and tends to be even more dry which causes my hair to be really weak and brittle, so one style I wear to keep cool, preserve moisture & protect my hair from breakage is the ever-so-cute top knot or ballerina/messy bun. I love this particular hair style because it is simple,quick & super cute. It is a style that everyone can pull off and it can be worn in a variety settings from casual to business & formal. Below are some photo examples of how the style is worn differently and even how I rocked mine today:

textured with a boho braid like lala anthony

sleek like christina milian

retro like keke palmer

sassy with bangs like evelyn lozada

bountiful box braids like solange knowles or...

cute and simple like myself 

However you wear it you'll look fabulous if you rock it with 
confidence because thats when we all look our best.

xoxo, Vaunna

Welcome Ladies

Hi I'm Ja'Vauna & welcome to Lady In Waiting.This blog is the reconstructed version of my previous blog Beauty & The Beat. When I started blogging it was really on a whim.I knew I loved fashion & as a plus sized girl I wanted to show that we did not have to limit ourselves in the fashion arena.My last blog kind of fell off track because I got very busy with school, but now I'm back with Lady In Waiting and I'm more fired up than ever.I'm going into my sophomore of college,I've recorded my first feature on a song this summer & I'm just ready to take on life,but I know that I must be patient and let God set the pace, thus the new name of my blog.With this blog I hope to inspire others as I  share & express my passions for fashion,music,beauty,art & life in general. So from me to you I hope you enjoy.

Be Blessed, Vaunna