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  Hi ladies,Happy Wednesday! I absolutely love DIY projects especially when it comes to fashion.Anytime I can save a buck by creating a trendy fashion forward look with something I already have I'm up to the challenge. A big DIY trend in fashion this summer has been cutoffs. Distressed,bleached,dip-dyed, studded & spiked versions of the classic, sometimes edgy, easy going cut off short have been showing up everywhere I've even done a pair myself. I know alot of plus sized women are not bold enough to wear shorts.Some of you may be thinking that thigh baring shorts is just little too much exposure for you right? I have my own insecurities about my dark knees. The beautiful thing about DIY is that you can tailor the pieces to your own liking never compromising your level of comfort. Below the post are some photos of my favorite DIY style cutoffs from other blogs & some of my own personal projects:

The ever popular American flag cut off shorst made famous
by Solange in the "Party" video

Edgy studded cut off Levi's shorts

Super cute candy coated dip-dyed cut off shorts

Sexy distressed cutoff shorts and my peersonal favorites...

my own classic cuffed & bleached tie -dye cutoffs

Is this DIY trend something you would try? Have you made your own DIY pair of cut offs?
How would/do you style your cutoffs? Talk to me in the comment box. If there are ever any ideas you would like to share submit them to me through my email @vauunab@gmail.com

xoxo, Vaunna

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