Thrifty Thursday

I LOVE TO THRIFT! So every Thursday on Lady In Waiting will be Thrifty Thursday and I'll be posting my  most recent thrift buys. I went thrifiting on Monday and found a couple things I liked for almost nothing. Here are some pictures of this weeks thrift finds:

I found this "KOOL it fits" tank & two really great vintage vest

I got three really great pairs of Levi's 

I also found this really great blazer that i cant wait to wear in the fall

All of these items came from thrift stores like Value Village & Goodwill? Do you thrift? What's your best thrift find? Comments; you know where to put them.


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  1. I love thrifting! I recently just got 3 jackets for $5 each! But my favorite find would have to be this dress: http://flyelephantfly.blogspot.com/2012/05/mesh.html. I love the blazer! The colors are perfect for fall! :) Great blog, following!